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Get To Know Me

I have been travelling for quite some time down my own Journey towards Self-Realization, learning from Life Lessons and constantly adapting to the Worlds rapid pace.


Spirit has been urging me to offer my Sacred Services for years now, and I am very excited to be walking this Path. 


It is my Purpose to share the Light and help be a teaching guide for those Souls who are striving for expansion and evolution.


As we walk this path together, into brighter futures, let us have humility and rest in the peace of knowing Creator sends us our teachers through many means - which means that I will learn from many of you as well, in full circle.

My name is Dayna Larson. I come from Scandinavian, German and French ancestry and am passionate about bringing the Collective into alignment with Truth. I have worked in many many different fields of service throughout the years and have gained an enormous amount of Life experience. I have seen many things, and experienced so much corruption from the systems that are currently in place. I am a Freedom Fighter, and have fire in my heart to bring Justice. My Soul’s Purpose here on Earth is to bring down healing insights from the Higher Realms into this physical reality. Just like the rest of the World, I am on my own Journey to self-realization and finding my own Truth. It has been a long walk in the Darkness searching for my Truth, but I am now walking my Path. Through the Arts, Plant and Animal wisdom, Philosophy, Astrology, Numerology, Environmentalism, Quantum Energy and following my Intuition, I have uncovered many things that the Collective needs to be aware of. I speak to the frequency of the Soul, and through this I am being asked to share what it is I have to offer. The Collective shadow of Fear is one that must be healed fully, in order for us all to move towards a brighter future. As an eternal student of Life, I back up wisdom from my own healing with that of knowledge that has been passed down throughout the centuries. I am a Creator, Teacher and Healer whose role is to transcend as many of my shadows into light, so that others may follow suit. I am here to be vulnerable, so that others can understand that this is the way forward towards our Freedom. As a woman, I stand strong in the face of oppression, and I stand tall with all my sisters and brothers during these challenging times. As a Collective Light Warrior, I pledge my Sacred Service to bring healing to as many people as possible, and to guide those who are searching to reconnect with their Souls. 
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