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Collective Healing 
What IS Energy?

When we start talking about energy work, and healing through the subtle body, our innate response is to unnecesarily complicate the simple theory behind it all. The best way to explain what energy is, is through metaphor

Sometimes, and more often than not - the simplicity of energy work can be deceiving and even confusing for those just getting into this realm of study. For the practicing healer, it takes more than just reading up on the subject to understand the deeper levels of what this title brings. The first initiation starts with being open to receiving, and acknowledging the deep desire for healing within us. There is nothing "wrong" with of us, so the first step is to realize there is no need to bring insecurities into a sacred place of unconditional love and connection.  

My favorite metaphor to use when describing energy is to think of it as the wind

Energy is wind

It is everywhere, surrounding each and every one of us. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and sense is energy being expressed on this plane as a solid state. Even though the energy we consciously interact with takes solid forms, it is always freely moving. Energy acts like a wind in a sea of constant spiralling energy, ebbing and flowing with the surrounding vibrations.  The wind changes, and as does the energy that surrounds us. 

Energy is water


Water is life, which harmoniously coincides with the running theme that energy is water and without it we could not survive

Energy is like water : it takes the form of the vessel that contains it. It is solid, liquid, and all encompassing. It's easy to remain unaware of energy - mistaking it as just a vessel or its container. These vessels are commonly labelled as : emptiness, depression, loneliness, silence etc. We must realize that these names allow ourselves to stay stuck in those "bottles" or "containers".  Energy is the ripple in the water, the current of the tide, and the crashing of waves. To understand energy in the form of water is to see it as a spiral, a vortex that is not seen, but experienced. 

How does "Energy Healing" work?

Think of an energy healing session as another metaphor : watering your garden

The act of channeling energy into 

Most people are familiar with watering a garden, watering their yard or just their houseplants.  They have an idea of how water works with and flows through the soil and plants. So one analogy I suggest they can think of is the act of applying Reiki as being similar to watering a garden.  No matter how it's watered, the water still gets to all parts of the garden and concentrates more in the areas of greatest need.  You might begin at one end of the garden and work methodically towards the other end, noticing as you progress how each plant responds to the water.  Or you can search out the plants that seem in need or that you know will need the most and water them first. You might spray the entire garden at one time from one location.  And some might even just leave the garden hose slowly flowing water at the upper end of the garden and let nature and gravity do their own balancing act without having to move the hose around. In all cases, the water gradually fills the garden, and more important, it tends to be drawn most to satisfy the plants and areas with the greatest need.

Reiki and other healing energies work much the same way, filling the body and beyond, and concentrating or being drawn mostly to the areas of greatest need; whether this be a poorly functioning or healing body part, an energy block or area of stagnant energy, or simply improving the overall flow of energy through the body. The Reiki practitioner can choose his or her own method of application knowing that ultimately the recipient will receive what is required at the time, and in the appropriate quantity.

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