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Dayna offers Healing in various forms, as she wears many hats (or feathers), and offers a Safe Space for all walks of Life

She strives to help guide those who are searching for alignment in all forms :
Mind | Body | Soul

Her Life experience, Life purpose, and Life work all vibrate to the frequency of compassion, and deep healing

When it comes to True Alignment, it requires all aspects of ourselves to be working in unison towards a directed goal

The Goal here is to raise our vibration, so we can break the current cycle society is currently trapped in, and start truly evolving in alignment with the present paradigm

Soul Path
Blueprint Reading

Mind | Body | Soul
Quantum Healing Sessions

Soul Path
Blueprint Reading

Using Ancient Eastern teachings through the art of Sidereal Vedic (Jyotish) Astrology, Unlike Western Astrology, which has been trapping humanity in the past (roughly 2000+ years) the art of Vedic Astrology utilizes real-time positions of the stars and planets.


Dayna helps to bring her Clients back into alignment.  She shows those who are looking for real proof in their own chart, their very own Purpose of Creation.


Dayna has unlocked the Truths about her own Souls Journey through Astrology, and would love to aid those who are in search of some answers!

Dayna is an Intuitive Healer, and Empath.

 She provide a service that allows her clients a space to express themselves unapologetically.


This is a space where Dayna offers guidance, based on what your Soul communicates.


 Aligning our Energy Centres to match our thoughts and emotions is the most effective way to bring our entire Being into Alignment.

These Quantum Energy Healing Sessions are offered online, and in-person.

Using one of the oldest techniques in History, Dayna utilizes the fascinating World of Numbers to guide others into a state of Soul Alignment.  


Numbers are how the Universe communicates with Humans, and the Cardinal Numbers are part of every individuals Life Path.


Hence why Dayna calls herself :

"The Cosmic Cardinal" !

Crystal Healing Session

Crystals are a physical form of the current matrix we find ourself in, and the make-up of each crystal is unique to its healing powers.

Dayna uses specific, and Intuitively picked crystals to aid in the alignment of her Clients energy centres. Crystals are able to communicate with chakras and recrystalize the proper flow of energy within these centers. 

Soul Path Alignment
Subliminal Artwork

Dayna is a Visionary Artist who taps into higher vibrational realms to bring back Healing Art. 

Dayna will create a one-of-a-kind piece of Artwork that is unique to the individual and their Life Path.


Intuitively, through communication with the Clients Soul, she pulls down etheric codes and transcribes them into a physical piece of Art.


The piece of Art will then carry specific messages, and healing for the individual.


This unique variation of Healing Art will provide subliminal sourcing for re-wiring our Minds to bring us back into alignment, in the most gentle and eye-pleasing way.

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