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You've Arrived!

So glad you could make it.  

My name is Dayna, or you can call me Sol. The Cosmic Cardinal is what most people know me as. If you see me in the forest though, call me Rabbit.

I carry a few names around with me... so wherever you funnelled through from, I'm happy your here.



Now, are you here for the Art, the Readings, or the Healings? 

See, I also wear many hats (or feathers). I am a self-taught Visionary Artist, Psychic, Astrologist, Healer and Holistic Entrepreneur. I enjoy exploring my creativity through multiple avenues. A Gemini Sun, Mercury and Rising gets bored easily, you know.
Anyways ...

Below you can be directed to which service best suits you.

Pick your fancy!

  All Things Art
- Store
- Wholesale
- Custom
- Workshops
- Tattoo
- Logo

- Psychic 
- Natal Chart
- Numerology

- Crystal
- Quantum 


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